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At Teens on the Run! We know from research that health, nutrition, social, career, and professional development matters. Teens on the Run incorporates a positive attitude towards health and nutrition and social practices that can help significantly improve outcomes, especially for our most vulnerable children, and increase students' readiness for college and careers. 

Teens on the Run understand the need for afterschool programs, especially after COVID-19, has displayed the educational disadvantages and disparities many minoritized youth face at home and school. We also know from research that afterschool programs can be a successful means of increasing school attendance, participation, and academic achievement.

Teens on the Run is a middle school after-school program that meets twice a week. Each Tuesday and Thursday, students meet at the school library from 4:00 p.m. until 5:30 p.m.

How the program works

On Tuesdays, we have a guest speaker who covers pertinent and informative topics to middle-grade students. After the presentation, students are encouraged to run/walk one mile at the school track at their own pace.

Afterward, the students play an organized game with college students that serve as program supervisors/mentors.

On Thursdays, we have a "Wrap Up" Session to review Tuesday's presentation and follow up with an activity. Afterward, the students run/walk their mile and then play an organized sport.

Students Mileage & Rewards 

Teens on the Run track each students mileage, and reward for each accomplishment reached. 

5-10 miles 

Awarded with a program shirt.

Awarded with a $5 gift certificate 

15-20 miles 

Awarded running laces and Teens on the Run headband. 

Awarded reflective lights. 

26 miles 

Awarded Teens on the Run Marathon Finisher Shirt.


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